Kayaking in Papua New Guinea

Thursday 6 February 2020


As one of the world’s final tourism frontiers, Papua New Guinea features a wealth of adventure activities and journeys destined to take you off the beaten track.

From surfing to hiking, bird watching and fishing, it’s a country that begs to be explored and experienced for all of its unique beauty.

One incredible way to appreciate the island nation of PNG is from the vantage point of its crystal-clear waters, with kayaking emerging as a must-do activity for any avid traveller.

Offering the opportunity to immerse yourself in the culture and beauty of PNG in your own time, at your own pace, here’s a quick snapshot of just some of the wonders to be enjoyed when kayaking in Papua New Guinea.

Kayak into culture

With islands in abundance and most featuring picture-perfect palm-fringed beaches, PNG is a natural destination for kayaking.

In fact, many travel writers describe it as a destination unrivalled in its beauty and wonder. PNG features over 5000km of coastline, much of it untouched by modern life. It also boasts a seafaring culture where local tribes have been plying the waters for thousands of years as a source of items for food and trade.

This is a destination where a kayaking adventure is likely to turn up anything from remote island villages and welcoming communities to schools of dolphins, graceful stingrays and breathtaking coral atolls.

And with over 600 islands to explore, there’s no shortage of destinations to paddle to as part of a kayaking adventure. Here’s an insight into some of the best.

New Ireland

Located in PNG’s north east, New Ireland Province is home to white sandy islands worthy of postcards, and equally welcoming hosts.

The region is famous for its rich array of islands and the culture is equally bountiful. Known also as a surf and scuba diving haven, this area has no shortage of marine life and is widely regarded as kayaking heaven.

The Louisiade archipelago

Encapsulating 10 volcanoes and coral atolls, the Louisiade archipelago is located in Milne Bay Province in PNG’s south west. Here you can paddle between the islands, encountering marine life and exploring caves, coral fringes, and remote beaches while also connecting with indigenous communities.


Madang Province

Situated in PNG’s north, Madang Province offers sea kayakers access to slow-rolling shallow seas and features four large islands along with numerous small offshore communities. A highlight is kayaking near Kalibobo village.

Oro Province

Widely renowned as offering some of the most spectacular scenery in the world, Oro Province is home to fjord-like vistas, plentiful marine life, and destinations like Tufi.

For many this sees them drawn to the area for scuba diving, but sea kayaking is also becoming an increasingly popular tourist activity.

When to go

Sea kayaking tours take place all year round, but the best time to enjoy the activity is generally between April and November when the seas are calmer. More information about just some of the sea kayaking tours available in PNG is available here.

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