7th December 2015

Keith Jackson & Friends: PNG ATTITUDE

THE Crocodile Prize and the Paga Hill Development Company (PNG) Ltd have collaborated to publish a book of children’s stories authored by Papua New Guineans.

The book, entitled Trickery at the Crocodile Pool and Other Children’s Stories from Papua New Guinea, includes 33 stories from local writers which have been published to encourage and inspire young readers with tales from their homeland.

Since 2011 the Crocodile Prize, Papua New Guinea’s national literary awards, has provided a platform for PNG writers and given PNG readers access to local stories, poems, essays, books and other literature.

The 2015 Award for Writing for Children in the Crocodile Prize was made possible by a generous sponsorship from Paga Hill Development Company, as was the publication of Trickery at the Crocodile Pool.

“It is an honour to be part of a project that encourages an interest in reading and learning from a young age and inspires writers in Papua New Guinea to educate younger audiences in cultural values and wisdom in a way that resonates with children,” said Gudmundur Fridriksson, CEO of the company.

“Our hope is to inspire children to take an interest in reading and writing and learn about our culture through storytelling,” said director Stanley Liria.

About 1,000 copies of the children’s book will be published and distributed throughout PNG. The book will also be available for purchase at cost price from Amazon.

People in PNG who wish to distribute the books to schools and libraries should contact editor and publisher Ben Jackson here.